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Our objective at Here2There is to close the gap between churches and missions. We want to see everyone in the church living out a missional life locally and working hand in hand with those who serve globally. In bringing the church and missions closer we have developed several tools for both the church and missionary.

Training Options:




Big Picture Lab:

The BPL breaks down each component of what it looks like to be a church that is completely engaged in missions. This one-day seminar will provide a clear vision of how your church can begin taking steps to establish a missions DNA that engages and utilizes everyone in the church body as you partner with, prepare and send missionaries. The BPL will help you define missions for the entire church, look at establishing support teams for each area of missions and ministry, create a strategic plan for mission in your church, and determine how to better partner with your missionaries.


Partnership Development for Churches

– Discover what it means to be a strategic partner with your missionaries. PDC will give you the tools to work hand in hand with your missionaries, helping them discover and develop the vision and ministry God has given them as well as equip the people within your church to be personally involved in the ministry.


Partnership Development for Missionaries

– Discover what it means to be in a strategic partnership with your churches. Learn how to ask for and maintain partnerships that will allow you to develop and grow the ministry and vision God has given you.


Missionary Support Teams

– Learn how to provide greater support to your missionaries and engage more of your church body at the same time. Missionary Support Teams provide a direct connection between the people in your church and your missionary partners. MST’s create clear ways that individuals can contribute to the ministry through: leadership, administration, missionary care, financial planning, education, prayer, and mobilization. MST’s will help you discover ways to strengthen and encourage your missionaries, become personally involved in the day to day areas of ministry, and meet their immediate needs.


Short-Term Journey’s for Churches

– STJ’s are an energizing tool for your church and for your missionary partners. STJ’s experiences have the potential to turn your team members into your next set of missionaries, your next STJ leaders, or your missionary advocates. Learn how to prepare your teams for the journey ahead, encourage and support them during their journey, as well as help them know their options when they return. H2T can provide you with the information you need to plan your trip, start to finish, as well as prepare your team members for the journey they are taking.

Explore our STJ locations!
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Haiti
  • India
  • South Africa
  • East Asia*
  • Philippines
  • Create your own trip

*For security purposes, please contact H2T directly for more information


Mobilization Teams

– Everyone has been given a gift, and that gift has a purpose. Mobilization teams will discover the gifts that lie within your church body so you can develop and strategically place them in their specific areas of ministry. Establishing Mobilization Teams will help your church be active in your own community and be ready to support your missionaries as their visions grow and their needs arise.


H2T’s team is ready to come along side of you, your staff, and your leadership. We bring you the needed resources and information to equip your church or ministry to work hand-in-hand with your partners.




Establishing Strategic Partnerships for Churches

– Expand your reach, increase your team, and engage more of your church through strategically partnering with your missionaries. Learn how you can increase the support your church provides your missionaries by working together on clear vision and goals as well as shared resources that benefit both the missionary and the church.


Establishing Strategic Partnerships for Missionaries

– There is great value when churches and missionaries can work hand in hand. Learn how you can build others into your vision for ministry through better communication, clear invitations, giving back to your churches, and allowing them to dream and plan with you for the future.


Establishing a Missions Culture in Your Church

– Work with our team to create a clear, visible missions culture in your church in all areas of ministry. Provide exposure to what God is doing around the world, educate your church to various people groups and cultures. Create opportunities to connect by serving and supporting God’s work in all corners of the world.


Partnership Development within the Church

– Partnerships deeply involve the church by engaging others through conveying a clear vision and identifying specific needs. Establishing Mobilization Teams will help equip and engage others. Establishing Missionary Support Teams will identify how others can be directly involved in what is happening both locally and globally.


Partnership Development for Missionaries

– Learn how to involve more people from your partnership and supporting churches by engaging and inviting others to join you. Learn how to engage and involve individuals in your partnering churches to be your advocates and your team leaders for ministry.


Vision Trips and Short-Term Journeys for Missionaries

– Personal experiences create an endless supply of open doors for missionaries. Within each visitor you host, you have the opportunity to: cast great vision of what could be, show them where they play a part in that vision, and how they can be a direct part of the ministry. You have the opportunity to turn your vision trips and your STJ’s into your ministry advocates and personal connections within each church who visits you.


School of Missions

– Create a source of learning and training to prepare your church to live out the missions life. Through book studies, special trainings, and conferences, you can begin to prepare your church body to be the next missionaries you send out of your church.


H2T’s team is here to help you accomplish the vision and mission God has given you for your church and your ministry. H2T’s coach’s will meet with you one on one to clarify the vision, establish clear obtainable goals, and identify your strengths and needs in order to bring those visions and goals to life. Knowing what to do and how to do it are two very different things. H2T offers coaching to both churches and missionaries to help you put action steps to the vision and mission God has given you, and to walk with you as you carry that vision out. Our team is here to help you maximize the vision you’ve been given by establishing clear goals and identifying the best steps and the best people who will help you bring that vision to life. Through coaching, you have someone walking with you along the journey, someone who will help your process your thoughts and ideas and challenge you in the process.