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Our Story

1. GO BACK (2009)
After returning from a Short Term Journey (STJ) to East Asia, God began telling Stefanie to “go back”. For several months and many trips back to Asia the details began to unfold. What started out as a new journey with intentions of moving to serve full-time in Asia began to change shape as God said there was more.
3. You Need To Do That Here (2011- now) (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Asia, Myanmar, India, South Africa)
While sharing the vision and asking churches to help do ministry in Asia, H2T began receiving invites to teach this same partnership strategy in churches in America. Churches wanted to know how to better support their missionaries and how to get more of the church involved….H2T took their initial training course, The Big Picture Lab, on the road!
5. Put Me In Coach – (2017)
After returning from helping fellow missionaries in South Africa; Bryan and Stefanie Nicholson were reminded of the need for missionary assistance from their churches. In January of 2017, H2T began a new journey of coaching and training missionaries. H2T wants to see missionaries ask for more than just money when they visit their churches. We want them to have full-fledged partnerships, working together with their entire church to reach the entire world.
2. It’s Bigger (2010)
In search of a plan for ministry in Asia, Stefanie knew she needed help. There was no way to do this on her own. She began to employ the help of her churches back home to join her for camps and trainings. Through this new strategy God revealed, “It’s Bigger” than Asia. Churches needed to know how to better work hand in hand with their missionaries and provide the support they needed to get the job done.
4. What’s Your Plan (2014)
H2T saw the need for churches to be more strategic in their missions efforts. So, with the help of additional team members, H2T began creating strategic plans for churches. Now churches have clear, reachable goals that help them target specific countries, ministries and people groups worldwide.