Our History

I am sure we can all look back over the years and see defining moments, thoughts, events that might not have made much sense at the time, but make complete sense to us now. I like to call them road signs. For me they were opportunities to serve in churches locally and around the world, people I met, thought processes about certain situations or impressions God kept putting on my heart. For H2T, there are some very clear road signs that brought us to where we are on this journey. Let me share with you…

“GO BACK” were the words given to start this journey that is now, Here to There (H2T). It was the Fall of 2008 and I had just returned from 10 days in East Asia and now, God was sending me back. And so the journey for language schools, housing, money, and a plan for ministry began. All the things missionaries do when they answer “the call” to go. The plan evolved into a ministry that would be dependent on teams coming to teach, train leaders and run camps. This, as I soon found out, would require more than just an Evite or RSVP invitation to come. It would require a real relationship with a church and group of people – aka Partnerships.

The plan for partnerships began to unfold. I was developing a strategy on how to connect with my churches and building relationships, setting the stage for regular visits and support and that’s when the next road sign came. I heard God say, “IT’S BIGGER”. After the initial laugh, and hoping God would not take away my voice till my first child was born, I thought, how do you get much bigger than “Asia”?

God continued showing me the bigger picture was The Church. This plan for Asia was now turning into a plan to work with Churches, helping them create these same types of partnerships with their missionaries and ministries that were already out serving. Helping everyone be active, not just in financial supporting for their missionaries, but being active in their entire ministry, top to bottom, the good, the bad and the ugly. These partnerships cannot happen without being “there” and building these relationships, in person… so the move was put on hold (indefinitely as the story turns out).

The age old sayings and teachings, “we are all missionaries” and “we are the church” began to take new meaning as this new church partnership ministry plan began to unfold. Many of us say these sayings with such conviction, yet our words fall flat for many of us. God began to give me a passion for helping The Church be actively participating in The Great Commission where everyone is making disciples, focusing on the four corners of the world.

The message of Matthew 28:18-20 has merged with the direction of Acts 1:8 and we have the Here to There.  We long to help churches reach their unreached people who simply occupy (in a less political – yet achieve the same thing –nothing, kind of way) their pews. Our passion is to help Churches get from where they currently are to where God is leading them, making disciples and adding to The Church in all that we do.



Founder & Director

…and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Acts 1:8