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For Churches

We want every church to be fully thriving as a Great Commission Church: COMMITTED to GO, MAKE DISCIPLES of ALL NATIONS both near and far, instilling a global perspective and hunger for the lost, and preparing everyone to be ready and willing to go.   Here2There works with churches to create a deliberate vision and goal to reach the nations that targets specific regions and people groups, engages everyone in the church to participate, and walks hand in hand with their missionaries

Every Great Commission Church has 3 main elements…


  • Pray for God’s leading and providing.
  • Be specific and intentional about where you serve.
  • Discover the best ways to reach your identified people groups and areas of service.


  • Identify the best ways to personally join your missionaries in the work.
  • Develop ways to engage the entire church through Missionary Support Teams.
  • Provide the needed connection and care for your missionaries.


  • Train everyone to live out a missional lifestyle.
  • Identify and equip individuals for full-time ministry.
  • Establish Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long-Term sending options.
  • Understand how to receive your returning Sent Ones well.
Pastors and Mission Leaders, join the mission community that is designed just for you. Connect with other leader just like you, learn from the weekly resources, discover new ways to engage your church in missions. JOIN NOW