What is in the Church Partnership?

Help Churches PARTNER with their missionaries

Help Churches PARTNER with other Churches

Help Churches build a PARTNER style ministry within their own body

What does a church partnership include? 

A church partnership with H2T includes coaching from the H2T team of missionaries, pastors and leaders to walk your leadership team and church through the transition of being a church that's focused on reaching the world.  It also includes on site visits to plan your MAP, conduct workshops and meet with key leaders 


A successful missions minded church has the complete support and attention from all the leaders and key members of the church. This will create a greater force, church buy-in and movement in the same direction, when everyone is in agreeance. 

Benefit of a Church Partnership?

Partnerships give you and active role in what your missionaries are doing
Partnerships increase the impact your church has world wide
Partnerships create greater impact for your missionaries and their ministry
Partnerships empower others to serve and GO
Partnerships bring ownership of the Great Commission to the people

How much does it cost?

H2T desires to partner with your church to make your impact greater for the Kingdom. As we form this partnership, we ask that you consider partnering with us too. Monthly partnering with H2T helps us carry our this partnership and others with churches just like yours. 


What's the Big Picture?

Big Picture Labs are when our team joins your team and develops a plan to achieve God’s vision he has given you for his church. We come and share how we are all “called” to “Go make disciples” and how everyone can be a part of God’s plan for the Church.

H2T teaches a Partnership style culture and DNA among your body

    • H2T Lab sets the stage for Church Partnerships.

MAP – Where are you, where are you going, how do you get there and who is it going to take?Helping you Develop your MAP (Mission Action Plan to Make Active People)

          ACTS 1:8 – looking at ministering to the four corners of the world andDefining your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Uttermost


         MOBILIZATION & PRAYER - Establishing or strengthening praying through teams and Developing a person or team in your church whose purpose is engaging your entire body to participate in what God is doing around them

         DREAM CENTER – is a part of the mobilization process where it allows the people dream, using their gifts and talents to fill the vision God has given the church

         NEXT STEPS – Examine existing ministries and missionaries and develop a strategy to better connect, serve and partner with them as they are going out or already on the field and walking the MAP(your vision) one step at a time


Looking at God's Big Picture for THE CHURCH,
finding out what that means for YOUR CHURCH


…and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Acts 1:8